Our 10th Anniversary

May 4, 5 & 6, 2018



Thou shalt have no other garden before your own, for yours is the one true garden.

Thou shalt hydrate thyself as well as thy plants.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s petunias for verily, it is the only decent thing they grow.

Thou shalt plan before thou shalt plant.

Thou shalt not ever disclose what you paid for a magnificent, rare specimen, price matters not in our eyes.

Thou shalt pull, not smoke the weed.

Thou shalt feed thy plants as if you wished them to thrive boundlessly.

Thou shalt share your harvest graciously.


Thou shalt prune without fear.

Thou shalt minimize the lawn area as grass is an affront to our sensibilities and provides no food nor flowers.



WKKY Country 104.7FM is

broadcasting LIVE at each location


Drawings at each Garden Center




Customer Appreciation

June 2nd & 3rd

This year we will be donating to the Lake County Humane Society. We will be accepting donations to 'Fill the Ford' thanks to Classic Ford in Madison!





The Perry Madison Green Industry - PMGI - was founded in 2009 as a not for profit organization. Its mission is to promote Lake County’s nursery industry, to stimulate Eastern Lake County’s economic growth and to nurture our community family. The founding members have been growing and selling plants for three generations and share a common history of mutual respect and cooperation. This common mind set has helped PMGI work smoothly to organize an annual event, Passport 2 Plants, which promotes community awareness and responsibility. Programs of special interest include 4-H and local food banks.

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